The Europas Awards 2018


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Thanks for participating in the public voting stage in The 2018 Europas Awards. Please pick your winners from the following entries. For all other information about the awards see These votes will be combined with those of our expert judges and the winner will be announced on the night, July 3rd in London.

Awards by category:

Hottest Media/Entertainment Startup

Hottest E-commerce/Retail Startup

Hottest Education Startup

Hottest Startup Accelerator

Hottest Marketing/AdTech Startup

Hottest Games Startup

Hottest Mobile Startup

Hottest FinTech Startup

Hottest Enterprise, SaaS or B2B Startup

Hottest Hardware Startup

Hottest Platform Economy / Marketplace

Hottest Health Startup

Hottest Cyber Security Startup

Hottest Travel Startup

Hottest Internet of Things Startup

Hottest Technology Innovation

Hottest FashionTech Startup

Hottest Tech For Good

Hottest A.I. Startup

Fastest Rising Startup Of The Year

Hottest GreenTech Startup of The Year

Hottest Startup Founders

Hottest CEO of the Year

Best Angel/Seed Investor of the Year

Hottest VC Investor of the Year

Hottest Blockchain/Crypto Startup Founder(s)

Hottest Blockchain Protocol Project

Hottest Blockchain DApp

Hottest Corporate Blockchain Project

Hottest Blockchain Investor

Hottest Blockchain ICO (Europe)

Hottest Financial Crypto Project

Hottest Blockchain for Good Project

Hottest Blockchain Identity Project

Hall Of Fame Award – Awarded to a long-term player in Europe

The Europas Grand Prix Award (to be decided from winners)

The Awards celebrates the most forward thinking and innovative tech & blockchain startups across over some 20+ categories. Startups can apply for an award or be nominated by anyone, including our judges.

It is free to enter or be nominated. For the last ten years The Europas has grown into a fun and fantastic awards ceremony and an awesome daytime conference. The Europas is a chance for you and your team to celebrate a year of hard of work in one incredible night in London.

Prior to the Awards, the biggest players from the European startup scene gather to discuss the biggest issues of the day at The Europas Unconference.

CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS to the day-time Unconference, PLUS the Pathfounders VIP event, or to the evening awards only

Check out the video from 2017: The Europas


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